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Help us to help you.


We are told we can re-open! – for accommodation & restaurant from Monday 29th June.

We all really hope you enjoy your stay here at Ghan House in Medieval Carlingford – where the wide open spaces – inside our 3 acres of walled gardens, Carlingford’s medieval streets and out & about on The Greenway or Slieve Foy mountain – are all a great tonic for what we have all just been experiencing.

During your absence – we have been busy whilst having to close our doors on Monday 16th March, 2020;
– All sash windows have been taken out, draught excluder fitted, been repaired and now, every single window opens.
– Nearly all windows have been repainted, along with door surrounds & skirtings.
– New web-site built and, finally….booking engine. However, we are still very happy to talk to you if you wish to make a booking!
– Spring cleaning – of everywhere – bedrooms, public rooms, kitchen, office…

Covid-19 practicalities.


Cancellations due to Covid-19

If you need to cancel your booking with us because of anything to do with Covid-19 – just tell us and we won’t charge a cancellation

        Industrial standard spray machine

fee. It’s a 2 way street & it’s better we all keep safe!
In addition we’ve been transferring deposits to onward dates, converting them into vouchers or returning them.
We will continue to do so whilst we are in the situation we are all experiencing.

Public restrooms

1 in the bar & 2 either side of the main stairwell, in the main house.
All 3 have ‘no touch’ soap dispensers and airdriers. 2 of them have ‘no touch’ taps and the ladies in the bar has a ‘no touch’ flush.

Your arrival

We have positioned sanitisers by both front doors – the main house & garden bedrooms.

Your bedroom

We have invested in an industry standard spray machine & liquid – for  all our safety.

            Industrial standard liquid

Prior to your arrival, as well as cleaning your bedroom, we have sanitised;
– Door, loo door & flush handles
– TV & ipod dock/bluetooth speaker control
– Taps, shower control & shower head
– Window latches
– Soap & lotions dispensers.
– Light switches


We are lucky to have 2 large rooms for dining – the 1st floor drawing room & the ground floor dining room.
We have positioned sanitisers by the door of both restaurants.
All tables are 2 metres or more apart in both rooms & we do not sell a table twice in an evening.
Forgive us for not carrying your drink into the restaurant – during present circumstances we shall have to forgo this level of service! Sorry.


Again, we have hand sanitiser dispenser by the door to the ballroom. For our buffet items, please use your own napkin on your breakfast table.
All tables are 2 metres or over apart.
When we are full for bedrooms – we only have 12 – we may ask you to wait if all (socially distanced) breakfast tables are taken – for us to re-set and re-clean.


Thank you for coming to stay with us. We take contactless, Applepay and all the usual cards – of which we sanitise the keypad before & after use.

+353 (0)42 937 3682

Ghan House
Old Quay Lane, Carlingford, Co. Louth
Ireland, A91 DXY5

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